Friends! ZS emerges from a year in the basement to celebrate the release of a 10-year anniversary box set edition of our complete work for the original sextet, 2002 - 2007. The box is called SCORE and y'all should grip it soon! Due out 09/11/2012... Additionally we've got an EP and an LP due out during 2013, entitled GRAIN and Xe, respectively. Creating this new work has preoccupied us for the last year or so, which is why you've not seen much of us, but we're stoked to share it with you! Hit us up at a show!

Beginning on 08/29 at 285 Kent, ZS is back in to concertizing hither and thither with select plays in New York, and deep touring in the states, Europe, Japan, and maybe even broader Asia (super stoked on that possibility!)... There will be tons of chances to see ZS all over the world for the next two years... YES!

Before you know it we'll be dropping tracks from our new EP and the full length, but for now get into these gems from our past:

We love you cats! YOU ARE ALL IN OUR BAND!